Контрольная работа: Контрольная работа по английскому языку № 1, вариант 1 (2017) ТПУ-заказать диплом в СПб

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Английский язык
Тип работы:
Контрольные работы
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8 заданий по английскому языку (тесты с ответами, тексты с переводом)


Text 1

Read the texts, then decide if sentences are 1–6 “Right” (A) or “Wrong” (B). For questions 1–6, choose A, B or C. If there is not enough information to answer choose “Doesn’t say” (C).


Text 2

Read the text about Stewart Jones and complete the sentences 1–5 with the most suitable ending A, B or C.



Choose the correct item.

1 Do you say his ______ name is Boris?

A full                           B first                                        C last

2 His mother remarried, he has a ______ now.

A stepfather                 B stepmother                            C stepaunt

3 Some children ______ to read before they start school.

A study                        B learn                                      C teach

4 In history we had to learn a lot of dates by ______.

A hard B hand C heart

5 Where is she? She is ______ home.



Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1 Don’t worry, everything will turn out all right.

2 Wait a minute, let me see.



This is a part of the letter you’ve received from an English friend.




Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1 Не волнуйся, все будет хорошо.

2 Подожди минуту, дай мне подумать.

3 Сэм родился в Шотландии, но когда ему было 2 года, его отец получил 


Now you are writing a letter to this friend. Write your letter in about

60–80 words.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for your letter. It was so good to hear from you. I hope your return journey was OK.

I also travelled a lot this summer. In August Elena and I went abroad . We spent two weeks in Scotland at Summer School. We lived and studied at a good