Тест: Тесты по английскому языку с правильными ответами (2019) ТПУ

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37 тестовых вопросов и заданий с правильными ответами

1 A story or report written for a newspaper is called an


2 The News of the World has a huge


3 There is too much news on … nowadays.


4 The Internet serves as a … of information on almost any subject imaginable.


5 Do you … to any magazines?


6 Public life, rich in interesting events, receives full … on the pages of our newspapers.


7 The … press is much more popular than the quality press.


8 In Britain, newspapers are mostly owned by individuals or by  … companies.


9 The … of press has become actual and real today.


10 The teacher said that if we didn’t understand the article, we would have … it again.

To read

11 He … open the window as it was stuck.

Could not

12 Interpreters … translate without dictionaries.


13 Liz doesn’t … keep to a diet anymore.

Have to

14 The fridge is full, so we … go shopping.

Need to

35 Just like the weather, the competition was heating up at The Red Bull Soapbox Race at London’s Alexandra Palace over the weekend. Around 70 amateur competitors took part in the crazy race which involved driving around the track in a homemade, motorless soapbox, relying on courage, gravity and possibly some Red Bull to get them across the finishing line.

There was a colourful and imaginatively-designed array of vehicles, from soapboxes shaped like Mexican wraps to one inspired by Olympic athlete Usain Bolt.

The winners of this year’s race were the Phya-Bird team from Newcastle, with Coffin Dodgers and ‘Does My Scrum Look Big In This?’ coming second and third respectively.

The victor of the race is not solely determined by the first vehicle to cross the finish line but also the creativity of the design. Teams were made up of four members, who were required to design and build the vehicle which can be any shape and made of any material that fits in with the guidelines.

The competition is held all over the world and past races have taken place in South Africa, Australia and Sweden. The event has been taking place since 2000 and there have been over 40 soapbox races, this year’s competition returned to London after a nine-year gap.

1. The Red Bull Soapbox Race takes place on working days.


2. All the competitors are not professional.


3. The cars of the competitors worked on soap foam.


4. There is a good variety of soapbox cars at the competition.


5.   The Coffin Dodgers took the second prize at the competition.


6.    The teams were allowed to build cars of any materials according to the instructions.